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The language of ageing

The language of ageing

I just watched a great session intro by Sophie Handler for the Artistic Exploration of Ageing Session 7, a series of workshops from the UK. Sophie explores how language can mediate our experience of ageing and is busy compiling a Vocabulary of Ageing with all the words we use to talk about age.

Artistic exploration of ageing – session 7 from Dave Martin on Vimeo.

I’ve often thought about how so many of the words we use around ageing are negative (‘over the hill’, ‘the elderly’, ‘old biddy’) or how often judgemental terms creep in too. I’m thinking about terms like ‘positive ageing’, ‘ageing better’, ‘successful ageing’. And of course, while I support being positive about ageing, who gets to define what is ‘better’ or ‘successful’?

Anti-ageing is another term that really gets my goat and is almost exclusively seen in the beauty industry. I’ve made a vow to not buy any ‘anti-ageing’ products or from brands that use this term in their marketing. Fortunately, many newer brands don’t seem to include ‘anti-ageing’ in their list of claims, as opposed to more established brands which still take this angle in their marketing.

I’ve also extended this approach to other consumables… I was looking for new underwear for myself as well as trying to find a front opening bra that my mum could manage (she has arthritis in her hands). I was browsing a range of online sites and noticed that some brands have started to include older models. I was surprised how much it made a differen to how I felt about the product, seeing older women represented on the sites. It made me think about the decision-making the company would have gone through to decide to use older models and that they were trying to be inclusive of a range of women.

Two images of women’s torsos in singlets and boyleg undies and one image featuring 3 older women and a black dog on Wonderpants.com.au
Image of younger model and older model in bra and pants on Naja.co

Again, it’s a reminder of how language can impact our perspective on the world – nowhere on these sites was age mentioned in terms of the product. No nanna knickers to be seen. It felt like acknowledgement that older women can choose comfort without being seen as daggy or they can choose more sexy attire without being seen as ridiculous. More of this please!!

Talking about women and ageing on WOW Bites!

Talking about women and ageing on WOW Bites!

Super excited to share the very first episode of WOW Bites featuring yours truly among some wonderful and inspiring company!

For those who don’t know about WOW Australia, you’r in for a treat. WOW, which stands for Women of the World, is an international event/project/creation/global force that brings together women from all walks of life to talk about everything and anything to do with women. It’s creative, imaginative and challenging. And so far 2 million women worldwide have taken part in gatherings in 30 countries on 5 continents.

WOW Australia was due to go ahead in early April when coronavirus put a stop to gatherings…so in true WOW style, they’ve come up with an alternative for sharing all the great content we would have got to experience at the event.

Click here to watch the first episode of WOW BItes – WOW Bites Episode 1 – featuring the following:

Lisa Mumbin discusses her work as Chair of the Jawoyn Association in the Northern Territory, the creation of the Banatjarl Strong Wumin Grup and appreciating Country during this time of crisis.
Leonie Sanderson (that’s me!) talks about fearless ageing for all and her dream to create an Age Justice movement that has older women at its heart
Stephanie Dower, shares how authentic representations of people with a disability in screen media have allowed her to fully embrace her identity and the disability community
Rebecca Vandyk In a celebration of birthing, motherhood and the miracle of human life, she worked with a team of 20 dedicated women in regional Victoria to knit a giant placenta. This would have been part of the exhibition program at WOW Australia 2020.it’s about half-hour all up, so grab yourself a cuppa and settle in for some short bites of inspo!